Heart To Heart

People in Emotional Pain are often unpredictable...

— Heart To Heart

When a person has been hurt or damaged and struggles in coping with the pain, it is difficult to predict their behavior. Often when pain is touched or something gets close it will cause a person to react in order to protect themselves from the experiencing the pain. There are a number of ways a person may react to protect themselves from additional pain. For instance anger can be quite effective in causing someone to back off. Work or becoming busy can be another means to cover the pain. A person may emotionally detach disregarding the pain. Walking away or checking out can remove a person from the presence of the pain. Alcohol, drugs, or lust can be a temporary fix to numb and forget the pain. Sometimes we tend to focus on and question the behavior of a person. Wonder what difference it would make if we tried to understand a person by simply accepting them and caring about their pain? May we seek wisdom before becoming quick to judge or condemn others. Pro 18:13  He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.

God help me to see other’s pain,
From unkind words, help me refrain
Teach me wisdom, that they may see,
Amazing  grace, living through me.






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