Mission Statement

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.
~ Ps. 37:5

Our Mission

Heart Care Ministries exist to assist individuals and couples in identifying and resolving emotional and spiritual issues by utilizing the Infinite wisdom of the Word of God, trusting the Infallibility of Jesus Christ, and by relying upon the Inspirational power of the Holy Spirit.

Core Values

  • Affirm each client with Encouragement and Hope
  • Accept each client where they are without being judgmental
  • Attempt to understand the issues of the heart that has been damaged
  • Assist people by caring for the emotional pain within the heart
  • Ask Jesus to heal the pain and bring peace to a wounded heart (He is the Counselor)
  • Acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s power to convict of sin leading to repentance and confession.
  • Appeal to Jesus through prayer to reveal the lies believed in a person’s heart affecting their behavior and to replace those lies with His truth.


  • To provide support and work closely with the local church
  • To provide prayer-care counseling for individuals/heterosexual couples seeking to resolve their issues .
  • To provide premarital counseling for heterosexual couples planning for marriage
  • To provide teaching in local churches entreating individuals/couples to experience freedom in Jesus.
  • To provide encouragement for the local church to reach out with compassion toward those hurting,
    oppressed, and burdened in relationships.
  • To provide training tools and materials to equip those interested in a caring ministry.