About Us

About Heart Care Ministries

Heart Care Ministries located in Missoula, Montana is a Spiritual Freedom Ministry for individuals, couples and families seeking to biblically resolve personal and marital problems that damage healthy relationships and destroy emotional intimacy in marriage. Our commitment is to help people understand and resolve the issues causing emotional and spiritual conflicts by discovering the power of Jesus to bring freedom and truth to their heart. Our goal is to assist individuals and couples in restoring broken relationships by providing Biblical discipleship, Counseling, Prayer and Encouragement, and reaching out to lovingly care for their heart. Jesus is the counselor, and as a facilitator it is our intent to encourage people to trust their heart into His care for healing.

Caring for the Heart of People

Our manner of caring for the heart of people is patterned after the ministry of Jesus Christ. This means we rely confidently upon the Insight of His Word, the Inspiration of His Holy Spirit, and the Influence of His Grace to bring healing to a person who has been emotional or spiritual damaged. Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus was characterized in His response to people’s problems by His Availability (He was willing to be there for people in their need), His Affection, (He was moved with compassion especially toward those who were hurting), His Acceptance (He received a person right where they were regardless of the issue), His Attention (He focused on going around the surface issue and reaching out to an individual’s heart) and His Action (He was willing to follow through in helping people find resolve.)

Our name conveys that we are committed to care for the heart of people and to gently assist them toward connecting with “The Counselor”, Jesus who is able to “…open the prison doors and set the captives free”

About Danny & Shirley Lynch                                                                                                     

Danny and Shirley Lynch have been involved in various levels of ministry for the past 27 years in California, Georgia, and Montana. In August of 2003, they were led to participate in a Counselors Training seminar taught by John Regier of Caring for the Heart Ministries (Then known as Biblical Concepts in Counseling). It was at this seminar they became aware of personal issues affecting their ability to experience oneness in their personal relationship and it also became apparent that many individuals struggle quietly and often carry heavy burdens alone, affecting their inner peace and ability to maintain healthy relationships. Danny has trained extensively under the direction of John Regier, Director and founder of Caring for the Heart Ministries. Having spent years of applying these Biblical principles in Pastoral ministry, they decided to open a counseling office currently located in Missoula Montana. Danny and Shirley have 5 children, and currently reside in Northwestern Montana.